Executive Presentation Skills

(Conceptual Overview)
2.5 – Day Workshop

In this 2.5 day workshop content delivery includes:

Rob Jolles

  • Learning how to warm up a room of participants through various icebreaking techniques.
  • Learning through a series of presentation deliveries to establish benchmarks, and personal coaching opportunities.
  • Learning how vary not just question types, but techniques for asking questions.
  • Learning a series of delivery characteristics unique to adult audiences.
  • Learning how to truly “sell” your message through a repeatable, predictable, and measureable process unique to the speaking industry.
  • Learning how to incorporate presentation aids along with the pros and cons of each specific aid.
  • Learning how to sustain interest within your presentation.
  • Learning how to deal with various personality extremes often found in presentation audiences.
  • Learning how to cope with anxiety.
  • Learning a series of, “Tricks of the Trade” techniques utilized by professional speakers.

Throughout the session, participants:

  • Deliver multiple presentations to discover more about their natural tendencies and learned techniques from the training itself.
  • Participate in multiple small group activities to reinforce concepts within the training.
  • Receive presentation preparation, and consulting with Rob Jolles.
  • Deliver a final 16 – 20 minute, filmed and personally coached presentation.


  • A cultural shift away from “stand and deliver” approach to presentations, and towards a mix of delivery, facilitation, creativity, and true persuasion.
  • Multiple repeatable, predictable, and measureable processes.
  • A system of presenting that can allow those in attendance to stylize their approach without changing their personal style.
  • The ability to add and grow the tactics to support and grow the process into a true cultural manner.
  • Job aids for both participant and management to implement what is taught.

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