How to Change Minds

Surely you know plenty of people who need to make a change, but despite your most well-intentioned efforts, they resist. Why? Because people fundamentally fear change, and Rob Jolles knows this scenario all too well. Drawing on decades of research, he lays out a simple, repeatable, predictable, and ethical process that will enable you to lead others to discover for themselves what and why they need to change. Whether you hope to make a sale, or improve a relationship, Jolles’s wise –illustrated through a bevy of sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always illuminating stories–will he you to ensure that changing someone’s mind is never an act of coercion but rather one of compassion.

Why People Don't Believe You

We have been raised to believe that words are the most essential tools an individual can use to communicate. The fact is, a huge percentage of the emotional impact that is felt by others we communicate with is dramatically impacted by more than just the words we use.  In fact, when we fail to communicate effectively, it’s not the words that betray us; it’s the way the words are used. Drawn from Rob Jolles’ bestselling book, Why People Don’t Believe You, in this program, audiences learn the keys to finding the necessary magic to help others believe you including:

  • Skills required in trust building.
  • Improving The “Three P’s” – Pitch, Pace, & Pause.
  • Acting Tips to establish an authentic voice.
  • Interactive skills necessary in group environments.

Speak Like A Pro... Virtually!

Upping your virtual delivery game is no longer an option.  The fact is, more and more of us will be called on to not just communicate, but connect at a deeper level with their clients virtually. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to create a miniature virtual studio within your office.
  • Equipment suggestions from bare bones, to budget, to higher-end.
  • Virtual delivery tips to reduce distractions and maximize impact.
  • How to adapt your communication techniques and style to fit a virtual environment.
  • Tips and techniques to establish an authentic voice and presence on camera.
  • A half a dozen interest sustaining ideas to better hold the attention of your audience.

After each program, a 30-minute “After Webinar Roundtable” will be conducted to:

  • Discuss specific scenarios or questions through personal dialogue & feedback.
  • Allow for visual assessment of virtual setup.

No More Order Taking!

Today’s salespeople are being methodically trained to adopt an “order taking” mentality in business and the repercussions are staggering. In this motivational and spirited conversation, Rob Jolles not only demonstrates proof that this problem exists, he also provides a repeatable, predictable approach to correct it. If you are looking for a keynote with a message that will address the business realities of today in an informative, entertaining, and most important impactful manner, you’ll want to teach your company, “No More Order Taking!”

The Art of Urgency

So many of us are taught to seek out needs, offer solutions, and bring in features and benefits! What happened to urgency? Without a sense of urgency, we are left with clients who are obsessed with price and are ultimately ruled by their fear of change. Tracking many of the tactics in Rob’s #1 bestselling book, Customer Centered Selling participants are forced to focus away from the products or ideas they are selling and look instead at the way people make decisions and how to influence those behaviors. Audiences learn decision cycles their clients go through, decision points their clients struggle with, and a process to not only defuse price, but gain critical commitments from those they are looking to persuade. In short, participants learn, “The Art of Urgency.”

The Unique Art of Selling to Groups

Seminar selling is becoming more and more popular within the selling community. The potential sales results can be staggering. However, if these seminars are not conducted properly, sales results, time and future opportunities are wasted. The session begins with a unique look at the art of working with adult audiences, selling your message to groups, learning the six biggest mistakes made by speakers, and more.

The Selling Dilemma

There is a dilemma that surrounds the selling profession. The perceptions by many customers place salespeople in difficult and disturbing situations. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. “The Selling Dilemma” takes a long, hard look at many of the contributing factors to selling’s perception problems. It offers solutions that inspire and motivate. There needs to be more honor instilled in our salespeople and this presentation leaves participants with just that kind of message… along with a sense of pride.

Managing The Sales Force

Today’s sales people have a lot to learn and contend with, but who teaches the sales managers? Too often, what works for the manager will not work for those they manage. In this presentation, sales managers role-play to better understand several lessons in style, as well as learning multiple “do’s” and “don’ts” regarding training, technique, and most importantly, implementation. In addition, this presentation looks at a coaching model created specifically for frequent feedback sessions. All the lessons taught are designed to assist the manager in being able to transfer the information learned immediately to those they manage.

The Many Myths of Selling

There is simply no other occupation that carries the number of myths that surround the profession of selling. From the way we open to the way we close, so much of what we do is shrouded in mystery. In this presentation, Rob Jolles will not only expose many of these misunderstandings, he will teach critical lessons to keep these myths from affecting sales performance and the culture of your organization.

Sales Secrets from the Cinema

Can we truly learn about selling from the movies we have all watched and enjoyed for so long? You bet! From the chilling scenes within “Glen Gary, Glen Ross” to the light hearted “Tinmen,” this presentation packs a punch. Woven throughout the presentation are cinematic scenes that leave a lasting impression examining numerous movies and clips. The blending of carefully selected cinematic moments with the honest messages that they provide allow participants to be thoroughly entertained while informed and motivated. Great for a dinner presentation or presentation with spouses in attendance.