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Sales Seminars

Rob Jolles with a sales contract

Designed in half-day, one, two and three-day formats, these programs are tailored to your company's specific needs. Each program provides for the combination of the Customer Centered Selling process, client’s real world applications, and multiple small group activities. This allows participants to not only listen, but become actively involved in the material.


Negotiation Skills

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What happens when all persuasive strategies are followed, and we still hear the answer, "No"?

Negotiation skills participants first study tactics used by "successful" and "unsuccessful" negotiators. Full ranges of strategies are discussed and each tactic is supported by statistical documentation and tailored to be industry specific. This is followed by a spirited simulation that forces participants to draw upon tactics as well as ethics and trust.



The Jolles Academy


Want to attend a program but not part of a major corporation? Now you too can attend a workshop delivered by Rob Jolles too! In these one and two day workshops, you will be taught how to assist people over the most difficult decision point and past their fear of change.
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Executive Presentation Skills

Rob Jolles giving a presentation

Designed in one, two, and three-day formats, these programs teach the unique art of presenting in a professional environment. Each program provides an introduction to the UPPOPPR process from Rob’s bestselling book, How To Run Seminars & Workshop, now in its third edition. Participants learn how to “sell” their messages, along with sustaining interest ideas, tricks of the trade, and much more based on the length of the program.

Rob can engage an audience with a powerful speaking style but it is his ability to roll up his sleeves and teach the specific, tactic by tactic, where the real value is.  He is first and foremost a world class sales trainer that can just so happen to deliver a powerful platform presentation.

Frank Muller
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