Implementation School

Rob Seminar

Unique to the sales training arena, this half-day program teaches sales managers how to implement what has been taught. This includes corporate benchmarks, the proper use of job aids, how to coach, monitor, give feedback, and manage the sales skills that have been taught.

Coaching Clinics

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Designed to focus solely on the coaching of participants to use the Customer Centered Selling process, this program is offered to those whose job it is to manage and reinforce what has been taught. This includes lessons in giving feedback and coaching, through role-plays and videotape analysis.


Internet Chat Sessions

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Designed to aid in the art of follow up, internet chat sessions allow participants to interact with their instructor from remote locations in a secured environment. These sessions allow for real world conversations, as well as the ability for added support and instruction.


Refresher & Follow-up Workshops

Rob Seminar

Designed as a follow up to the basic Customer Centered Selling workshop, this program reinforces the original sales training, and builds on it as well. It includes lessons in buyer social styles, time management, and negotiation skills, as well as small group activities, a triad role-play, and a full selling simulation.

Rob's passion for helping others succeed in sales is exciting to observe.

David A. Grodzicki, CMFC®
Sales Training Consultant
American Century Investments