Business Coaching

What do the best business leaders, athletes, musicians, and actors ALL have in common?

They all have coaches. Now, YOU can work one-on-one with Rob Jolles and have one too!

Certified executive coach and member of the Professional Business Coaching Association, Rob Jolles can help you discover what’s truly possible with…

Your Business

Those in leadership roles often need a thinking partner for support and guidance when dealing with complex business and people issues.  One-on-one coaching is the most powerful and effective way to accelerate your development and unleash your hidden potential. You’ll have an opportunity to work on topics like:

  • How to earn the trust and respect of those around you
  • How to structure and run effective meetings
  • How to assess and address time management issues
  • How to navigate through new leadership roles and responsibilities
  • How to assess and develop key process behaviors allowing you to address over two dozen critical leadership key actions

Your Selling

Whether you’re a novice, or a grizzled vet, you’ll work one-on-one to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and develop repeatable, predictable processes that improve performance. You’ll have an opportunity to work on topics like:

  • How to determine where your client is in his or her Decision Cycle
  • How to establish trust in any relationship
  • How to create urgency and move clients to action
  • How to transition to a business conversation
  • How to handle client objections
  • How to intelligently get referrals
  • How to sell in a group environment
  • How to incorporate trial closes throughout the selling process and take the mystery out of closing


Most importantly, you’ll develop and prioritize measurable tasks to address agreed upon strategies that allow you to implement an action plan that achieves results!

You can continue to try and tackle these business challenges alone or you can take action and get some help… today. Together we can create a partnership based on trust and mutual responsibility and an atmosphere that encourages experimentation, risk-taking, growth, and accountability.

It all starts with a conversation. Rob offers a complimentary 30-minute consultation, in person or by phone.


Your Presentations

Here’s your chance to work with a 30-year speaking veteran and electrify your presentations or your professional speaking business. Within your presentations, you’ll have an opportunity to work on topics like:

  • How to professionally open and close any presentation
  • How to sell within your presentations
  • How to work with multiple audience personality types
  • How to build interest throughout your presentations
  • How to create professional participant guides

Thinking about starting your own speaking business or taking your speaking business to the next level? You’ll have an opportunity work on topics like:

  • How to create any presentation from keynotes to multi-day workshops
  • How to build a professional speaking business
  • How to work with speakers bureaus
  • How to create professional participant materials


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