I am ready to take the blogging plunge. It’s time to join this unique generation and belch out my thoughts. I’ll bet you can’t wait! Just imagine, you get to hear everything I’m thinking. How fascinating is that? I’ll answer that question for you: “It’s not fascinating at all.” So let’s establish some rules to make sure this blog is something you’ll enjoy reading, and something I can feel good about writing.

I do not claim to be a genius, but I am what I call, “methodically observant.” That’s because I might not be what some call a “blogger” but I do take notes… a lot of notes. The idea behind taking these notes, which I call a journal, is to not just record events, but learn from them.

You see, that’s how I think people become wiser. It doesn’t come from making mistakes or not making mistakes. It comes from being consciously aware of the mistakes you are making, the successes you are enjoying, and most importantly, the lessons learned from each! With close to 1,300 pages of journal notes over the last 15 years, this form of writing isn’t new to me. I also blogged for Inc. Magazine Online for a period of time focusing on travel. Here, we’ll open it up to a full range of business and life issues. Let me tell you what you won’t be reading in my blogs:

  • I won’t be telling you who to vote for, or what politician or party to support. I don’t have that right to cherry pick links and quotes, and waste this forum intruding on your privacy that way.
  • I won’t be telling you what mundane activities I’m up to on a daily basis like what fruit I put in my cereal in the morning. I don’t have the right to bore you at that deep a level.
  • I won’t be telling you about my latest vacation, and the wonders of my family. If my family, or yours is functioning beautifully; good for us. I don’t have the right to disclose this kind of information to another person who hasn’t directly asked me to share this with them.

I might be crazy, but I want to be a little selfish with the blogs you will be reading from me. I’d like to try and leave you with a message – a blog that allows you to take something away from the short conversation I will be having with you. The goal here is quality – not quantity. I can commit to you that I will provide a new blog once a week. No more, and no less. If I tell you a story, I will not ask for you to try and figure out its message. That’s my job. That means taking my two or three paragraphs, and providing a quality message you can use, or perhaps discuss with another person. Feel free to send your comments to me as well. There will be a reminder once a week on Facebook, and on Twitter of a new posting. I’m looking forward to providing you with quality writing, and a quality message.

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