Something curious happened a few weeks ago that most of my social network either didn’t notice, or didn’t care about.  Unbeknownst to me, my social media consultant sent out a request to “Like” me.  I was not asked, and if I had been, I would not have given my permission to make such a desperate request of my friends and followers.  I was well aware of the desire to get more people to “Like” me, but in no way did I know the plan was to break down and ask people.

For the past few years, asking people to “Like” you has become a trend in the social media world.  It seems that we now define a person’s popularity by how many “Likes” that person has on their Facebook Fan Page, or subscriptions on their YouTube channel, (And please “Like” my new speaker video) or by how many Twitter followers someone has or even by how many people “Join” their biweekly column (coincidently you’re on my BLArticle® site right now.)  It’s getting to be downright ridiculous!

The need to be “Followed” and “Liked” reminds me of my days at Woodside Elementary School.  I remember there were always a few rather pathetic kids that wanted so badly to be “Liked” that they’d come right up to you at recess and ask: “Will you ‘Like’ me and be my ‘Friend’?”  If I was on the verge of “Liking” them or being their “Friend,” being asked certainly was the kiss of death for me, and I’d run for the hills.  Who wants to define their popularity by the number of people who “Like” them or “Follow” them, or the number of “Friends” they have?  Personally, I have always preferred the quality of the friends I have over the quantity of friends I have.

This phenomenon of being “Liked” seems to have started with Facebook.  When Facebook first burst on the scene, the rush for “Friends” was on.  People gathered “Friends” at an alarming rate.  It seemed the more friends you had, the more you were “Liked.”  It’s not unusual to see Facebook accounts with individuals who have accumulated thousands of “Friends.”  I’m a pretty popular guy, but we all know that a majority of the “Friends” that wind up in our Facebook family are not people we are necessarily great “Friends” with.  We’re not even casual friends with.  So the question must be asked: Why do we have all of these “Friends?”  Why do we have to have all these Twitter “Followers?”  The answer is because if we are in the social media game, many do judge us by the number of “Friends” or “Followers” or “Views” or “Comments” we have.

We don’t all have careers that require a social media presence, but for those who do, it is very important to be “Liked” on a Facebook Fan Page.  It’s important to have a significant number of “Views” on your YouTube video, as well as a lot of “Comments” and “Likes” for that same video.  It’s even important to have a large group of Twitter followers.  Thinking otherwise and ignoring what these numbers of “Likes” or “Followers” or “Views” or “Comments” represent, is ignorant.

You would hope that this level of popularity would be organic in nature, but the fact is, it requires work.  It requires the blend of quality writing, good information, persistence, and I suppose an occasional, rather pathetic plea to those you know.  I’m not happy with my social media consultant for adding my name to the pitiful ranks of those who ask you to “Like” them on their Fan Page, or being yet another person asking you to “View” and “Comment” and “Like” their YouTube video.  She even sent out a request for more Twitter followers because she knows that I’ll attract more Twitter followers if I have a decent number to begin with. It’s an absurd way to get your message out to the world, and I’m furious she did it…

… but in that my consultant did this despicable act, here are my social medial sites in case you want to be my new, best friend…




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Isn’t it sad that the most pathetic kids used to actually give things away to those who would “Like” them and be their “Friend?”  I have been told that I must work harder to increase my following on the social media merry-go-round.  I am officially joining the ranks of the pathetic friend:  The first 25 people who do three or more of the above, and send me an email letting me know, will get a free, How to Change Minds Enhanced EBook from the Apple iBookstore.  This book retails for $12.95, has 25 minutes of videos and role-plays that support the written message.  Now, will you please “Like” me, “Follow” me, and be my “Friend?!”

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