For years, I’ve specialized in two different topics:  I teach people how to influence the actions of others one-on-one, and I teach people how to influence the actions of others through presentations to groups of people.

I have modules that teach how to initiate a conversation, create trust, lay out techniques to create urgency, closing techniques, sustaining interest ideas, negotiation tactics, and in the words of Al Pacino, “I’m just gettin’ warmed up!”  Despite all the tactics and techniques I teach, the most important thing that I can share with my students is to remember two words that I call “the great equalizers.”  I call them “the great equalizers” because remembering these two words can offset just about any jam you get yourself into.

The Top of the Robble-Head

I recently chose these two words to apply to something I’ve prepared for 2013.  I decided to create my own Bobble-Head, (called a “Robble-Head,” to be precise,) to give away in seminars.  When the company that makes them asked me what words I wanted on the base, I thought long and hard.  What words would transcend any message or topic, and would be appropriate for all audiences?  Then it came to me: I must put the two words that represent “the great equalizer” on the base.  What are the two words I’ve been teasing you with?  The words are “Energy & Enthusiasm!”

Losing sleep over an interview?  Worried about a big presentation you have to deliver?  Anxious about a sales call you’re about to make?  Meeting a new person you really want to click with?  No matter what the worry might be, if you remember these two words, and adhere to their meaning, you’ll be just fine.

The fact is… the world will not come to an end if you do not follow all the lessons I teach, or if you forget to create trust or urgency, or if you don’t apply appropriate closing techniques.  People will naturally forgive just about anything.  Forget to ask questions?  Clients will frequently provide you with information anyway.  Apply incorrect closing techniques?  Clients will frequently commit anyway.  Lose a visual, forget a handout, or fail to establish utilities in a presentation you might be delivering?  People will forgive you.  In fact, people will forgive just about anything, but they won’t forgive a lack of energy and enthusiasm.

The Bottom of the Robble-Head

The next time you find your pulse racing over an impending anxious situation, don’t focus on the variables you cannot control.  Instead, focus on what you can control.  You can always control your energy & enthusiasm, “the great equalizers.”  Now I have a “Robble-Head” that will help you remember that!


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