Last week I did something I rarely do. While sitting in the airport in San Francisco, and clearly at a weak moment, I pulled out my trusted iPhone, poked my Facebook App button, and punched in this short message…

“Sitting in San Francisco, waiting on a delayed flight to Monterey, for a Saturday keynote and a red-eye home. Welcome to the not so glamorous side of my profession.”

My first surprise was that I received a handful of response. I’ve never taken Facebook that seriously nor have I taken the act of posting anything on my wall all that enticing. Why would I want to tell the world about my mental dribbles? I’m guessing that was my third message in, oh, maybe two years. The responses I received taught me why.

  • The first response reminded me how beautiful my Monterey destination was, and how fortunate I was to be going there. In fact, it reminded me to look at the glass half full.
  • The second response reminded me that I wasn’t the only one traveling that night. In fact, it reminded me to not sit and feel sorry for myself.
  • The third response reminded me there was more than one way to get to Monterey. In fact, it reminded me to stay focused as a Road Warrior and problem solve.
  • The fourth response, which actually came all the way from Malaysia, reminded me how much faith they had in me as a speaker. In fact, it reminded me how kind people can be.

I’ll never be a member of the, “Post a comment ten times a day club” but I do see the wisdom of sharing your thoughts with others. Sometimes those thoughts may be just what another person needs. And sometimes those thoughts may come right back to you and provide you with just what you need.

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