Each week I try to share with you an idea or thought that I think might be of value to you.  That’s part of my job.  Just like you, some days on the job are better than others.  Some days are so beautiful that we can’t help but smile, and think to ourselves how lucky we are.  Some days follow more of the status quo presenting us with a mixed bag of feelings.  Some days aren’t very nice.  And others, well, others can be unbearable.  How do you cope with the unbearable?

Lee Jolles - King Lion

I ask this question because when faced with the unbearable although it feels as if the world stops for us, it doesn’t stop for those around you.  Most of your clients aren’t that concerned with our feelings, and quite frankly, I’m not sure you would want them to be concerned anyway.  Do you really want to stop and explain your sadness to someone who knows very little about your personal life?  Would that really help either of you?

So, when confronted with the unbearable what’s the solution?  I’ll save you the trouble of looking because there isn’t one.  There are many who will tell you how they handle their pain, but unfortunately this isn’t a pair of socks, and when size doesn’t fit all.

There’s only solution that I can offer.  That solution is to put one foot in front of the other.  Pretty pathetic advice, but I’m open for suggestions.

This week my family and I suffered one of the most profound losses I have ever had to endure with the passing of my father.  This was not just a man but a lion, and not just a lion, but a king lion.  He was my hero, my mentor, my teacher, and my friend.

And yet, I can hear his voice.  “One foot in front of the other.”  This was one of his favorite phrases when I would tell him of a struggle I was working through.  “One foot in front of the other.”  Yesterday, I had my first appointment since his passing.  At times I was distracted, lost, and sad, but I did the best I could.  That happened to be another one of his simple phrases.  I hope my next appointment goes better.

I’m quite sure there isn’t a person who will read this blog who hasn’t suffered a debilitating loss of his or her own.  There is no timetable, there is no process, and there is no formula.  There’s only the act of placing one foot in front of the other, doing the best you can do… and continuing your journey.

Rest in peace King Lion.

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