Blog: I’m with my family on vacation this week. That might be interesting for me, but there’s no real
message for you. 

Article: It’s our 20th year in a row of taking the family to the beach. 23, 22, and 18 year old kids and they still
make it important. There’s an article brewing in there, but I’m quite sure it would be a little lengthy…
and maybe a little too preachy.

BLArticle™: I need to put the computer away, stay away from my iPhone, and soak up every second of having the
blessing and privilege that the good fortune of family can provide. I guess vacations remind us that
there is a time and place for all our gadgets, and there is a time and place to turn them all off and just
appreciate each other’s company. I’m just trying to figure out why we have to be, “on vacation” to
remember this and celebrate family? There’s the message, and that’s what makes it a BLArticle™!

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