If you are going to hire a professional speaker for your next meeting or to train your company, what better way to determine if the topic and speaker are right for you then to watch him in an interview? You’ll get some great insight on some classic sales and delivery issues as well as a look at the kind of passion and inspiration Rob carries in his words.

Quick Clips – How to Change Minds

  • Why Did You Write, How to Change Minds?
    Having written books on how to sell, listen as Rob Jolles explains the need to not just learn how to sell, but WHY we sell.
  • Who Benefits From Learning, How to Change Minds?
    Watch and listen as Rob Jolles explains why learning How to Change Minds is not just a process built for salespeople, but for everyone.
  • Is It Influence Or Manipulation?
    One of the keys to persuasion, to truly help others over his or her fear of change you must first have a clear understanding of the difference between influence and manipulation. Watch as Rob lays out the need for influence, and the ethics behind influence.
  • The Effects Of Personality On Persuasion
    Learning a process for persuasion is critical, but to be successful learning how to apply these tactics based on the personality of the client is critical as well. Watch as Rob explains the need to tie process to personality and the need to adjust what we do to who we do it for.

Quick Clips – The Art of Selling

  • Respecting The Art Of Selling
    The art of selling has been unfairly criticized by those who are often uninformed. Watch as Rob takes this question on and provides an inspirational message to all who provide one of the most meaningful services available to any client.
  • Persuasive Techniques For Everyone
    Learning to persuade and influence the actions of others is not just for salespeople. Watch as Rob explains why tactics like these can benefit almost anyone.
  • Can Anybody Sell?
    One of the most frequent questions asked, the answer is surprisingly simple…
  • How Do We Master The Art Of Persuasion?
    Learning to influence the actions of others follows a repeatable, predictable set of tactics. Watch as Rob addresses not just what is taught, but how it is mastered.

Quick Clips – The Moral Implications of Selling

  • Asking Tough Questions: Is It Mean, Or Is It Merciful?
    Often persuasion requires asking tough questions that can be disturbing in nature. Here how Rob addresses this issue helping us to understand the moral obligations of helping others over his or her fear of change.
  • The Moral Obligation Behind Persuasion
    Learning to persuade is part of the battle, but learning why we persuade is the other part of the battle. Watch as Rob explains why it is the moral obligation for anyone to sell to not only persuade, but to take pride in their ability to do so.
  • Persuasion Isn’t Always Pretty
    The art of persuasion often requires tougher questions that can be disturbing in nature. Rather than sidestep the issue watch as Rob explains why this is often not only necessary, but vital when helping clients to make difficult decisions.

Quick Clips – Miscellaneous Thoughts & Ideas

  • What is a BLArticle®?!
    Part blog, part article watch as Rob explains what a BLArticle® is, and why he has spent years creating them.
  • How Can We Learn To Listen Better?
    We all know that listening is critical in communication. Watch Rob’s take on how to become a better listener.
  • The Myth Behind Mentoring
    It seems almost a rite of passage for salespeople to work with a mentor. Watch Rob explain the dangers behind ineffective mentoring, and ways to ensure if it’s done, it’s done right.
  • Mastering What You Learn
    What good is learning any business tactic if we don’t implement what we learn? Watch as Rob addresses the keys to mastering what you learn.

Full Interviews – Selling, Persuasion, and More


Take your pick, and listen to over 70 radio interviews that cover a wide variety of topics and ideas. A popular guest on many different shows because of his own form of unique energy, listen as Rob mixes it up with some of the tops radio hosts in the country.



Why People Don’t Believe You…

The Small Business Advocate Show
Why do some customers not believe you?

The Small Business Advocate Show
When the word “schpeil” is a good thing.

The Small Business Advocate Show
How to convert customers from their “schpeil” to a close.


How to Change Minds

  • Enterprise Radio
    Hear Rob and host Dr. Eric Darr discuss the importance and moral obligation of learning how to change minds.
  • The Michael Dresser Show
    Listen as Rob and Burt Martinez discuss some of the various tactics behind the art of influence without manipulation.
  • Money For Lunch
    Listen as Rob and Burt Martinez discuss various elements from the book, How to Change Minds.
  • An Interview with Mr. Z!
    In one of the strangest interviews of Rob’s career, here’s a rather unusual discussion about the book, How to Change Minds!

The Ethics Behind Selling

Asking Questions and Listening

Connecting With Your Customer

Selling Myths

Cost Objections & More

Presenting to Groups

Surviving as a Road Warrior

  • The Way of the Road Warrior
    Rob discusses what it’s like to be a “road warrior,” someone who works away from home a significant number of days — and nights — a year. He goes on to talk about how to minimize the negative impact this kind of work can have, including how technology can give you back some of those days away from home.
  • NPR Talks with Rob Jolles
    Listen as National Public Radio does a story on Rob’s book, The Way of the Road Warrior.
  • An Interview with The Small Business Advocate Show
    Rob sits down with his favorite host Jim Blasingame to discuss the book, The Way of the Road Warrior.
  • An Interview on the Donna Sebo Show
    Rob talks with Donna Sebo in a lengthy interview about life on the road, and the moral obligations of family from his book, The Way of the Road Warrior.

Self Improvement/Motivation

Miscellaneous Thoughts & Ideas

  • Grow small business sales with referrals
    Want to know how to acquire high quality prospects and grow sales with virtually no expense? Referrals. They’re golden, according to Rob Jolles, who discusses valuable tips and best practices to help you get more referrals from your existing customers.
  • Will blogging help you sell more?
    Can blogging help you with prospects and customers? Rob Jolles discusses ideas on how to use a blog as a tool to stay connected with customers without being intrusive, including his own success story.
  • Seminar Selling
    Rob givesprovides valuable information on how a seminar can work for your organization.
  • Thinking Creatively
    Rob talks about thinking creatively in order to increase your sales
  • Do you have a sales training implementation plan?
    Sales training implementation is not instinctive. Rob Jolles discusses how to create and implement a plan to follow through on training for your sales force so you can increase sales and protect your training investment.
  • Small business and selling fundamentals
    What should sales people be focusing on right now? Rob Jolles talks about some of the fundamental practices and attitudes all sales people must employ to make sure they accomplish their sales goals, even in a challenging economy.
  • The Effects of Client Personality on Selling
    How much does personality impact the selling process? Rob talks about whose personality is the most important, how to be prepared for different personalities, and how to blend — not impose — your own personality into the process.
  • Selling in the 21st Century
    Selling in the 21st century is different in many ways from selling in the last century, and Rob talks with Jim about how to make sure your small business is making the proper adjustments for the new century customers.
  • What is the best practice when praising employees?
    Criticize in private and praise in public? Rob Jolles discusses the best way to recognize and praise employees for outstanding performance..
  • The power of recognition is enormous and yet costs nothing
    Why do 86% of employees leave an employer? Rob Jolles joins Jim Blasingame to report the primary reason employees leave is feeling they aren’t appreciated, and how small business owners can avoid making that mistake.
  • What is your primary goal as a manager of people?
    Good managers aggregate the success of their team members. Rob Jolles discusses the way managers should think about how success is achieved through the teams they manage.




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