When You Are At A Loss for Words, Try These Four


Sometimes I think we spend too much time working on objection handling techniques. It frustrates me a bit because, quite frankly, I’d rather spend my time helping those I’m working with avoid objections rather than obsess over battling them. It’s amazing what happens when you ask questions, listen, create trust, establish urgency, and earn the right… Read More »

The Ultimate Nemesis: “It Costs Too Much”


It’s human nature to look at any solution, particularly a premium-priced solution, and balk at its cost. At first glance, who wants to buy a premium-priced product when there’s another one – that costs far less – sitting right next to it? You don’t have to go any further than your mailbox to get the… Read More »

Whoever Finishes First… Wins!

BLArt 225

One of my guilty pleasures is leaving the office and having lunches with others. It can be a lunch with a friend or a client; I enjoy good food and good conversation. The other day, I had lunch with someone who was both a friend and a client. I noticed something curious when we had… Read More »

The Function of Dysfunction


I respect anyone who meticulously prepares to do the very best he, or she, can, no matter what the task. I certainly expect that same preparation from my doctor, my lawyer, my accountant, and the many other people I count on. I also expect that same level of preparation from any presenter I see or… Read More »

The Can’t Miss Holiday


I’m a New Year’s Eve man. No doubt about it, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. What can you say about New Years Eve that isn’t positive? Christmas is a wonderful holiday, but not everyone celebrates Christmas. The same could be said for Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, Hanukah, Festivus, and many more. All wonderful days… Read More »

Double-Check Your Checklist


It seems like such a simple matter. You’ve been scheduled to deliver a short presentation, perhaps a keynote. As with every presentation you deliver, a lot is riding on this one. In your mind, you’ve prepared in every way imaginable. Your checklist looks something like this: Interview those involved to insure you understand presentation requirements…. Read More »

The Power of One


No matter how talented one may appear, every presenter typically has a few habits he or she is trying to break. I’m referring to the habits that just don’t seem to want to go away, such as body rocking, pen twisting, lectern clutching, or the dreaded “umm and ah” filler word addiction. The list is… Read More »

You Just Can’t Hug A Porcupine


One of the unique challenges of delivering workshops is working effectively with the various personalities that populate your audiences. In most workshops and in some presentations, it’s not unusual for there to be a lot of contact between speakers and their audiences.   Some participants talk a lot, and some are quiet. Some are funny, and… Read More »

It’s Online Training Knocking


I want to be emphatic when I say this: I have never been a fan of online training. This form of training has been knocking at my door for years, and I’ve done a magnificent job of hiding under my sheets – hoping the knocking would stop! I have been bred to present information in… Read More »

Imaginary Friends


It’s pretty difficult to live our lives without having to deal with high-pressure situations. Perhaps it’s a critical interview, an important presentation, or a key sales call. You showed up with a lot on your mind – usually too much on your mind. You tried chanting to yourself, “calm down; just be yourself!” Unfortunately, the… Read More »