The Power Of Showing Up


Let’s get one thing out of the way; I’m no quitter. If you ask my family and friends, they will tell you that I’ll do just about anything before I ever quit. Several weeks ago, I came face to face with a situation that made the concept of quitting seem quite enticing. I had even… Read More »

Ignoring The Negative Voices


We all hear the voices in our minds, and we usually hear them when we’re alone. They wait until they sense a vulnerable opening, and then they become louder and louder. These voices can infect our ability to believe in ourselves. The voices creep from our subconscious mind to our conscious mind like thieves in… Read More »

More Than Just Wanting It

Want It

You hear it in sports all the time, particularly after a team has won a big game: “We just wanted it more than they did!” The thought of wanting something more than others seems to answer many questions, but to me, it seems trite and extremely misleading. If only life were as easy as just… Read More »

As Others See Us

see us

You can learn a lot from an artist. I should know; I happen to be married to one. For instance, have you ever watched an artist look at his or her own piece of art? Part of the evaluation of that piece of art takes place by just looking hard at it, or walking by… Read More »

Let Them See You Sweat!


Sweat. Just the thought of it bothers some people. At my health club, the place is littered with towels – made available just to capture your sweat. Most of us want to challenge ourselves when we work out, so we try to consistently wipe away our own sweat so we won’t offend others who are… Read More »

A Presenter’s Best Friend

BLArt 230

When it comes to standing up in front of a room and speaking, there are certain things that can be extremely useful to any speaker, but one poor aid seems to get very little love. People are so confused by this particular piece of furniture that 99% of them can’t even pronounce its name correctly…. Read More »

The Real Story Behind Breaks


When you conduct training programs that require you to speak for long stretches of time, you have to sustain interest in your program. It doesn’t matter how strong your information may be. Without sustained interest, it’s of little value. There are many ways to accomplish this, but one of the most obvious and most valuable… Read More »

Fantastic Presentations – Take Four!

Edition #1

When it comes to selling, they say we are all salesmen. I firmly agree. In the world we live in, we need to move people to action. In order to do that, we need to communicate effectively. Guess what? It is essential that we all learn how to communicate effectively in front of groups. You don’t… Read More »

When You Are At A Loss for Words, Try These Four


Sometimes I think we spend too much time working on objection handling techniques. It frustrates me a bit because, quite frankly, I’d rather spend my time helping those I’m working with avoid objections rather than obsess over battling them. It’s amazing what happens when you ask questions, listen, create trust, establish urgency, and earn the right… Read More »

The Ultimate Nemesis: “It Costs Too Much”


It’s human nature to look at any solution, particularly a premium-priced solution, and balk at its cost. At first glance, who wants to buy a premium-priced product when there’s another one – that costs far less – sitting right next to it? You don’t have to go any further than your mailbox to get the… Read More »