Some Rules Are NOT Meant To Be Broken


The other day, I was racing through the supermarket to pick up a few items. I jumped into a “12 Items or Less” line, and I came face-to-face with something that really makes me mad. There, in front of me, stood an individual with 48 items! (Yes, I counted them.) The individual looked like she… Read More »

Is There A Penalty For Hope?


Let me start by saying this:  I think we underestimate hope. Hope gets us through tough times. Although sometimes we may choose to give up on hope, hope will never desert us. Hope doesn’t hold grudges. Hope is only a thought away, and a powerful ally.   Hope sounds like the perfect companion, but if that’s… Read More »

The Saga Of Soft Skills


The other day, I was talking to a client about working with her sales team. She casually mentioned that the company’s budget was tight, and unfortunately, the first thing to be cut would be the training in soft skills. What are soft skills? The term “soft skills” refers to skills such as communication skills, time… Read More »

Struggling? Now Is The Time To Celebrate!


There’s nothing like a well-deserved celebration after a hard-earned victory. One seems to feed off the other, and like peanut butter and jelly, victory and celebration just seem to be made for each other. Call me a contrarian, but I think a celebration, during a time of struggle when there’s little to celebrate, is even… Read More »

Pens For Sale!

Pen Incentive

Good news; I have some pens for sale! You’re going to love them: I’m going to let them go for next to nothing, and I’ve got a lot of them. First, let me tell you about why I created them… If you’ve ever delivered a seminar or a keynote, or even attended one, you know… Read More »

What’s The Big Idea?

Jiffy One

Who doesn’t like popcorn?  Maybe it’s the taste, or maybe it’s the thrill of truly stuffing our face with it, or maybe it’s the sheer quantity that we’re allowed to eat: It’s a terrific food. We are practically raised and educated to enjoy popcorn. But what if you had never heard of popcorn before? How… Read More »

It’s The Little Pieces That Count The Most

BLArt Model

I guess my fascination with models started when I was very young. My dad used to love to work on model tanks of all things, and he was darn good at it. He would spend hours working on those models, meticulously putting together every piece, then every decal, and then finishing the job with his… Read More »

To Believe Or Not To Believe; That Is The Question


As far back as I can remember, I’ve always liked buying live music recordings. Live albums, live eight tracks, live cassettes, live CD’s, and live downloads. I love the music, and I love listening to the performer. I like live music because when I hear it live, it allows me to believe the music. One… Read More »

The King of Comedy, and Then Some

Jerry BLArt

As a little boy, I loved watching comedians – both old and young. In my office, I even have a wall filled with pictures of Red Skelton, Milton Berle, Buddy Hackett, Sid Caesar, Jackie Gleason, Laurel and Hardy, Dick Van Dyke, Phil Silvers, Don Rickles, and George Carlin. But the prime spot on that wall… Read More »

When One Door Closes…


One of my friends is going through a hard time, and recently, he asked me this question: “Do you think now is a good time for a change?” The question made me smile because usually, if you’re asking yourself that question, you already know the answer. The answer is yes: It is probably a great… Read More »