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Start with a message that carefully connects with an audience, mix in an element of entertainment and motivation, and dare that audience to take action. Now add professional documentation and job aids, and you have a presentation from Rob Jolles that no one will ever forget.

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Our commitment to you does not end when the training ends. Unique to the industry, we offer a variety of implementation options: A true implementation school, coaching clinics for managers, follow-up seminars for participants, and structured Internet chat sessions.

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Small group activities, role-plays, case studies, and simulations are only some of the ways we immerse participants into our programs.

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A Rate Book and a Yellow Pad of Paper

November 14, 2014

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein

 I was twenty-two years old when I graduated from the University of Maryland.  Within two weeks, I found myself working as a salesman for the New York Life Insurance Company.  I was quickly given a spot in a bullpen with a dozen other salespeople, and I was given a desk, a phone, and a phonebook.  If you’re wondering where the computer was, I must tell you that no salesman or office had a computer at that time.  I repeat; not one computer to be found.  [continue reading...]

The Four Most Common Mistakes When Trying to Influence Others

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sales coverBREAKING NEWS!

Rob's article It's Time to Pitch the Word “Pitch” is on the cover of the March issue of Sales and Service Excellence! View the PDF here.

How To Change Minds on's List of 10 Best Business Books of 2013!

Photo Marketing Association News published Rob's article under Business Success: To Change Minds, Understand the 6 Stages of the Human Decision Cycle

Facing Friction? Top Execs Delve Below The Surface By Sonja Carberry, FOR INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY

Rob and his new book How To Change Minds are featured in the Moneysection of USA Today, in the article On the Job: Art of influence is in how you ask

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Rob's New Book: How To Change Minds

In his new groundbreaking book, Rob draws on his highly successful sales background to lay out a simple, repeatable, measurable process for changing someone’s mind. This is not done by telling people what you think they should do. However well-intentioned, the fact is people fear change, and resist being pushed, even in the right direction.

Instead, you will be introduced to a repeatable, predictable and measurable process to skillfully lead others to discover for themselves the long-term impact of not changing helping others to fully embrace the changes they need to make.

The book is filled with sometimes funny, sometimes moving stories illustrating how challenging changing minds can be and the frequent gray line between influence and manipulation. Following Rob Jolles’s wise advice will ensure that changing someone’s mind is never an act of coercion but rather one of caring and compassion.

You’ll learn:

  • The ethics involved in influence
  • The decision cycle that people go through when contemplating change
  • How to establish trust
  • How to create urgency
  • How to begin a conversation
  • How to commit someone to change
  • How to handle objections to change
  • How to strategically prepare for any conversation that requires change

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